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Instant Robot Valentines, Ready on Demand!

Whether you’re running late to the party and need a quick fix (I get it) or searching for THE perfect valentines that fit your kiddo’s personality to a tee (robots!!), love and friendship are in the air with these adorable robot valentines.

Print in Full Color or Add Your Own!

Being a parent means you have to be able to pivot…constantly. The versatility of these robot valentines helps you do that with ease! If the party’s tomorrow and you don’t have time to run out and buy boxes of cards, downloading and printing these valentines in full color gives you an immediate solution. In the fortunate situation that you do have a little more time (yay!), the kids can color their own valentines to give. Here’s the best part: if they’re motivated enough to color 5 but not 15, you’ve got a mix of hand-colored and pre-colored cards. No pressure, no stress!
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Computing Holiday Success with Robot Valentines

Robot valentine, how do I love thee? Let me compute the ways… Here are all the things to love about printable robot valentine cards from Belle Green – they check all the boxes for holiday success!
Short on time? Or are the kids just not into coloring today? No problem. These valentine cards give you options. You’ll get a full set in full color and the identical set in outlines only, ready to add your own DIY personal touch. This is especially handy when kids lose their coloring stamina after 4 or 5 cards and you need 16 for the next day.
Any parent knows what it’s like to realize that the class party is tomorrow and you’re completely unprepared. Download and print will save the day! No need to spend time and gas running to the store to pick through the boxes of leftovers or wait for shipping when all you need is your printer and some stationery paper or cardstock right at home. February science fact: Because it’s so short, February is the only month that can go by without a full moon occurring. When this happens, it’s called a “Black Moon.” Will we have a Black Moon next year?
Where will your kiddo put all the valentines they receive? In their decorated bag or box, of course! But don’t worry about coming up with last minute ideas for their box. These robot valentines come with two pages of ready-to-color images so kids can decorate their boxes or bags with a cute and fun robot theme that matches their cards.
Many printable robot valentines you’ll find, especially on Etsy, are simply lightly reworked images of freely available graphics or clip art with reused phrases. Essentially, they’re all pretty much the same. Not so with robot valentines from Belle Green. Our robots are all original, and even feature Tip from the book Tip the Lunchtime Robot and the Rescue Robot from Robot Activated!
I’m not saying I don’t love “I’m Nuts and Bolts About You” or “My Heart Beeps for You.” They’re adorable. But they’re also on just about every single download and print valentine card set out there that features robots. We like to keep things new and fresh around here, so our puns and phrases are, too. (Okay, I just couldn’t resist “You Compute Me.” But the others are all original!)
Robot valentines include eight unique designs so your kids have options. Maybe Grandma loves Cupid and your kiddo’s BFF is good at math; there’s a design just right for each of them! If they’re creating for someone specific, they can also use that special person’s favorite colors to color in their own one-of-a-kind card for the big day.
The great thing about printable valentines is that you are limited only by your own cardstock paper supply. Your PDF file can be used and re-used endlessly, so you can print them for each child’s class of 20 or use them over multiple years. Or, if you’ve got a preschooler who only needs a few, you don’t have to buy a box of 50 cards and have them cluttering up your house the rest of the year.
Like robots, kids are learning machines. They are constantly absorbing the world around them and making sense of all that incoming data. This makes kids identify with lovable robots, from WALL-E and EVE to R2D2 and C3PO. If your kiddo is wild about ‘bots, printable valentines featuring robots are a match made in digital heaven.
Valentine cards with robots can be hard to find in stores. The Internet to the rescue! With printable options made by individual creators, you can find Valentine’s Day cards tailored to even the most unique interests. This lets kids express their individuality and creativity in a way that was not available in the past. Parents get to benefit from this technology, and kids don’t even need to stare at a screen to benefit!
You can scroll down to find lots of great gift and treat ideas for what to include with your Valentine’s Day cards, or you can use the handy list included in your PDF. From the traditional to the modern, from sweets to treats they don’t eat, you’ll find the perfect gift addition to your valentine on this list. You may already have them on hand and don’t even realize it!
You’ll probably see lots of boxes of mainstream cartoon valentines on Valentine’s Day. I love those, too! But when it comes to a card that is truly memorable that no one else in class will be giving out, these robot valentine cards are your best bet. No one will remember the Pokémon or Barbie cards for long, but these awesome robots are something new!
This holiday can feel like the same boring stationery on repeat. Hearts, cupid, more hearts, stickers, a box of chocolates, a box of cards with the same old sayings, and maybe some candles and balloons. Why not shake things up a bit and throw in some robots? It’s unexpected, it’s fun, and you’ll never look at this holiday stationery the same again!

Treats and Toys: What Gift to Include in a Valentine

It’s true that these adorable robots are sweet enough to give all on their own. But if you’d like to include a little gift, here are some ideas to get you started. You can put valentine cards in a zip top bag along with the gift, or tape the treat to the back of the card with regular tape or heart stickers. (Sparkly glue is fun but takes too long to dry!) You may even want to put your card and gift into paper cups or print them onto sticker paper to create stickers. Feel free to get creative while you gift shop – the sky’s the limit when it comes to robots!

Loose Change

You know that change jar sitting around the house? Put it to good use by taping quarters or dimes to the back of each valentine. Loose change is often an annoyance to adults who more and more need the folding kind of cash, but quarters and dimes are treasure to young children!

Mini Crayon Packs

Kids not in the mood to color? Consider giving out the uncolored version of the robot valentines along with a mini box of 3 or 4 crayons. When you buy in bulk, these boxes are very economical and as an added bonus, they keep just fine to give out for Halloween or at Christmas, too!

Individual Chip Bags

A fun and unique treat to consider is to attach your robot valentine to an individual size bag of chips or cookies with tape or stickers. You can upscale this gift by choosing popcorn, plantain chips, or other healthier options. If allergies are a concern, Made Good makes great “school safe” bags of mini granola bites.

Mini Notebooks

Kids are learning all the time. Why not give them a notepad to keep track of all they are learning? Mini notebooks are a great gift for kids who like to doodle, make flip books, and create plans for world domination. They make great stationery for future presidents and CEOs.


The classic lollipop is a crowd-pleasing holiday treat that is also inexpensive. You can easily have the kids tape them to the back of the valentine cards – kids love tape, am I right? – or use holiday stickers. If you’re looking to keep the sugar under control, consider a box of Yum Earth or Zollipop brands.


Stickers are a classic non-candy gift for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Easter, Christmas, and other holiday celebrations. Bonus points if the stickers are robots, but valentine-themed stickers, hearts, or space-related stickers are also fun choices. Consider reusable stickers for a less permanent gift option.

Temporary Tattoos

Along the same lines as stickers, temporary tattoos make fun non-candy treats that kids are wild about. They’re inexpensive, don’t take up a lot of space, don’t create long-term clutter, only last a day or two, and are safe for kids of all ages. Even the grown-ups can get in on the fun with this gift!

Granola Bars

A tasty alternative to chocolate bars, granola bars come in a variety of delicious flavors and are easy to tape to the back of a robot valentine. Made Good brand makes nut-free granola bars and granola bites for classrooms where allergies are a concern. Buy a bulk box from Costco and save a few bucks!

Gummy Bears

Individual packs of gummy bears or fruit snacks are absolute fan favorites, and they’re easily attached to cards with stickers or tape. You can get economical bulk boxes at a wholesale club like Sam’s Club. You can also opt for organic brands like Yum Earth or Black Forest for a healthier but still sweet gift.

Pencils and Erasers

These days you can find sets of pencils, erasers, and stationery in just about any theme imaginable, even robots. These small gifts are easy to tape to cards or add to zip lock or gift bags for simple giving on the big day. Pens can also be fun, but are a little more…permanent. Shop and gift wisely! They’re also good for Halloween handouts or Christmas gifts.

Mini Puzzles or Crafts

Mini robot puzzles would be the perfect gift addition to these valentine cards, but other fun classics like mini puzzle cubes would also be appreciated by the kids. Puzzles and crafts can quickly add up for larger class sizes, however. Buy in bulk online and use them for birthday gift bags or for upcoming holiday events.

Mini Playdough

Miniature cups of playdough and slime are also great alternatives to candy. They are also fairly inexpensive if you don’t have to shop for treats for gifts for multiple classrooms for multiple kids. They also save well so leftovers can be used for holiday gift trinkets for Christmas, Easter baskets, or Halloween.

Best Bots: Using Robot Valentines

You may already be well versed in the ins and outs of Valentine’s Day and with download and print cards. But if you’re new to the kid valentine party scene or how to get the most out of printable cards and other holiday stationery, this section is for you!
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Robots for Your Valentine’s Day Party

When it comes to party planning for kids for Valentine’s Day, robots make a top-notch theme – much easier than trying to incorporate it for a Halloween party, Christmas, or other holiday events. It’s easy to include fun robots in your party decorations. Even if you don’t have sets of paper plates, paper cups, or tablecloths with robots on them, you don’t need them. Choose tablecloths in red or pink and add a few candles (battery operated candles, please!) and confetti. Kids can decorate their paper cups with their names and heart stickers.
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Party Day Activities

For a fun activity on party day, have the kids color and decorate their gift boxes with the robots included in the PDF just for that purpose. Include extra stickers, sparkly glue, and tape for adhering everything to their box. Another great activity to do for a party celebrating the holiday of love is coloring Kindness Coloring Pages, so kids get a feel for how to put their love into action! (No special paper needed for that activity – plain white paper will do!)

Read some sweet poetry to the kids from Valentine’s Day Rhymes, play holiday themed games, and make a paper heart chain filled with all the ways we show love and care for others. Fill gift bags with stickers, toys, heart stationery paper, and more. Look up holiday themed recipes and maybe make some of the robotic recipes found at the end of Tip the Lunchtime Robot! (Copies of that book make a great gift, too!) Kids will create great memories and go home at the end of the day with a box full of adorable cards.

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Love Robots? We’ve Got More in the Shop!

Here at Belle Green, robots are kind of a big deal. My books Tip the Lunchtime Robot (yes, it includes three recipes!) and Robot Activated! are fun rhyming stories that celebrate perseverance, helping others, and following your dreams. If you need a way to make learning more fun for preschoolers and kindergarteners, take a look at all the Robot Coloring Pages in the shop, including the Months of the Year coloring pages (the February page is also perfect for your party!).

While you’re visiting the shop page, check out my series of feelings books for kids, the I Am series, which includes I Am Good in My Heart, I Am a Good Friend, and I Am Bigger. Keep them in mind for birthday gifts and gift giving holiday events like Christmas and Hannukah. You can also follow me and keep up with all the free social media fun on my Facebook group, Instagram, and my ad free YouTube channel.

Shop Now and Go Easy on Yourself

Don’t turn this holiday into another exhausting event to get through. Take it easy and go with printable robot valentines from the Belle Green Confident Kid Shop. It’s a gift you can give to yourself and your kids, too! Shop now and stress less on Valentine’s Day!

Books With Messages That Matter

Confidence, self-worth and self-esteem, friendship, and more are found within the pages of Belle Green books. Kids will learn through real-life scenarios and repetition in the “I Am” series, and through creative verse and imagination in the robot series!