Belle Green

Frequently Asked Questions

Four-year-olds aren’t the only ones with questions! I know you have them, too. See if your questions about Belle Green books are answered below. If not, feel free to reach out. I’d love to hear from you!

The “I Am” series is perfect for toddlers through preschool age kids who are just getting a hang of this thing called life. The robot books can be enjoyed by toddlers up through early elementary school kids.

Absolutely! Words are my passion and I love helping kids expand their vocabulary. In fact, the robot books have a glossary at the end to teach kids the meaning of words that might be new to them.

Good question! I am a mom, but not a child psychologist. That’s why I enlisted the help of my sister, Sheri Moroe, who is a clinical psychologist with decades of experience working with children, to help make sure the wording in the “I Am” series was just right for my youthful audience.

When my son was three, he became obsessed with robots! He even started saying “Robot activated!” over and over. I’m not sure where that came from, but you know where it ended up!

Yes! In addition to being fun stories, Tip the Lunchtime Robot and Robot Activated! both have a moral to the story. Tip shows that you can follow your dreams and be a great success (and encourages kids to get cooking with three robot-themed recipes at the end of the book). In Robot Activated! the Rescue Robot teaches persistence as he refuses to give up on the challenging rescue operation. Kids may also be inspired to learn about jobs that help others like fire fighters, police and paramedics.

Not yet! I’m working on reorganizing the logistics of my books in order to provide my readers with lower prices, better values, and yes – discounted book bundles! In the meantime, I sincerely appreciate your support for my work.