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I Am Kind: Kindness Coloring Page

Don’t Just Tell Kids to Be Kind – Show Them How!

Most kindness coloring pages have heartwarming phrases like “Be Kind” and “Be the Change.” But what does this mean to a four or five-year-old? Instead of just telling kids to be kind, let’s give them some examples. Let’s show them what kindness looks like in action with the I Am Kind: Kindness Coloring Pages.

What Does Kindness Look Like?

You might remember Andy, Angie and their friends from I Am a Good Friend. They are all back in I Am Kind: Kindness Coloring Pages for Kids, and they are putting their social skills to work. Each page is designed to cover different types of kindness along with an image showing an example of what that might look like. So kids don’t just hear the words sharing, comforting, or appreciating. They can see how Andy and friends are putting those ideas into action.

In the Words of Parents

Parents, teachers, and caregivers have a lot to say about Belle Green books. Read their reviews here!

What is Kindness? Andy and Angie are Leading the Way

Andy and Angie and their friends Arjun and Annie (all the kids from I Am a Good Friend) have learned a lot about kindness and are putting their emotional intelligence into action in these coloring pages. Each page depicts a kind and caring act in a way that makes it easy for young kids to understand what’s happening. This encourages them to emulate these kind and thoughtful behaviors in their daily life, especially when reinforced with adult conversations about the importance of kindness.

Let’s build some character! Here are the basic values kids will learn about in I Am Kind: Kindness Coloring Pages, and how each value is expressed in pictures that make it easy to understand.

Sharing and caring are probably some of the first things you think of when it comes
to kindness. In I Am Kind, the kids demonstrate these thoughtful behaviors by
sharing an umbrella in the rain or a sweater in cold weather, spending time with
grandparents, comforting hurting friends, and patiently waiting for a turn to ride the
pony. They’ll also be encouraged to show kindness to themselves, too!

Sharing and caring can be especially challenging for young children because the
parts of the brain that manage this behavior don’t begin developing until later in
life. That means that kids don’t always automatically think of sharing or caring and
need to be shown how and when to do it. Until their brain catches up, we can
encourage kind behavior through education, including using kindness coloring and
other types of worksheets or activities. They will quickly see how sharing and caring
makes their friends feel, and how they feel when others share and care about them.
These feelings will help keep the behavior going in a positive reinforcement cycle of

When a situation presents itself that calls for sharing and caring, it’s prime time to
pull out these coloring pages. Kids can see the I Am Kind children performing
sharing and caring acts on the coloring pages and directly relate it to an experience
they just had. Maybe they or a friend hurt themselves in the classroom or on the
playground. That’s a great opportunity to pull out the coloring page showing Angie
comforting Annie with her scraped knee. Kids will see that it’s the kind thing to do to
stop playing and check on their friend to make sure they are okay.

Being a good helper and including others in play are also important components of kindness that kids may need a little assistance to remember. In I Am Kind printable coloring sheets, they’ll see Andy, Angie and friends in social settings helping carry bags of groceries, inviting others to play with them, holding open doors for each other, donating food, and listening without interrupting.

Kids can get very focused and may not always realize when others need help or if other kids are not being included during play time. By showing them opportunities to be helpful and inclusive as shown in the I Am Kind coloring pages, we can help them see that it’s easy to do. Be sure to follow up with these ideas after the coloring pages are done by including kids in your own volunteer, donation, or other charitable works. They will emulate your behavior and contribute to more kindness in the world.

We’ve all had the experience of being left out. As adults, we’ve learned to deal with that kind of disappointment, but for kids it can be truly devastating. Let’s encourage our kids to be kind and include others in their play. Show them the coloring page with Angie inviting Arjun to come play with the other kids on the beach. Ask them how they think he feels when Angie includes him. Also ask them to think about how Angie feels when she includes Arjun so he doesn’t have to play alone.

If you’ve got a volunteer event coming up or are about to deliver donations for a food drive, that’s also the perfect time to have your kids work on these coloring pages. Have a discussion about the importance of giving. Include examples from your own life where you were in need and someone showed kindness by helping. Ask the kids to think of times when they needed help and received it, and how they may have felt in a situation where someone wouldn’t help. This helps kids develop a sense of doing right and cultivates compassion. Speaking of compassion…

Showing appreciation and compassion is something the world can use a lot more of, so let’s be sure to emphasize these values in our kids. The I Am Kind children are seen appreciating their teacher, being gentle with animals, clearing the path for a crossing family of ducks, cheering on a friend in a race, being polite, and giving the mailman a kind and appreciative greeting. These printable coloring sheets get children thinking of kindness while they are being creative and entertained.

A little appreciation and compassion can really go a long way. People are often underappreciated for all the effort they put in and a simple thank you note or flowers can make their whole day. When children see how their simple drawing or coloring page lights up the faces of teachers, parents, or other caregivers, they will feel a sense of accomplishment and those good feelings that keep them going back for more. This cycle of compassion and appreciation is critical to creating healthy, friendly, and kind environments.

Compassion is a feeling that kids may or may not express automatically. They may be concerned about another child but are not sure how to show it, or they may need encouragement to think about others more. Activities like coloring pages can help kids understand compassion and how to better express it. Raising compassionate children will help craft a kinder world in the future.

Who Needs Kindness Coloring Pages for Kids?

Of course, families will love having these printable kindness coloring pages at home to use with their kids. Whether you’re encouraging kind behavior toward their own siblings (I have seven brothers and a sister, so I get it) or out and about in public, these coloring pages can help teach them the skills they need to get along better. Sharing, helping out, and being appreciative will go a long way for them in life, and coloring pages make it easy to see and understand how to express those behaviors.

The Benefits of Download & Print

Once you start using printable downloads for coloring pages for your kids, you’ll quickly see why they are becoming preferred by parents over traditional coloring books. Here are some of the big advantages you’ll find with download and print pages.
Oh, the clutter. I didn’t truly understand what clutter was until I became a parent. Especially paper…all the paper…including a dozen or so coloring books that were purchased or gifted. These coloring books take up space whether you’re using them or not, and can easily get lost. And when the favorite coloring book can’t be located? You guessed it…tantrum time. On the other hand, download and print coloring pages will never get lost in the clutter – and if they do, just print another copy! They won’t add to the stacks of paper while you wait for your kids to get to them. When they’re ready to color, just print. And the best part about printing? See the next benefit on the list!
One of the great things about printable downloads is that you don’t have to print the whole set at once if you don’t want to! If your kiddo only wants the coloring page with the bunnies, or only wants the page with the beach scene, you are free to accommodate. Not only does this help control paper clutter and keep the work area cleaner, but it also reduces paper waste. You can print only the page or pages they want (or you want) at the moment, keeping tabs on paper and ink use. And if they have a favorite kindness coloring page? Go ahead and print it as many times as they want to color it. That’s something you just can’t do with traditional coloring books.

One of the biggest benefits of printable coloring pages is that you can print multiple copies. If you’ve got a classroom full of Sunday school students, if you’re a preschool teacher or a parent with more than one child you can print a whole set for each one of the students or the same single page for every child, depending on your needs. If you’re doing a lesson on volunteering or kindness toward animals, you can print just those pages for each child. Then as the coloring is going on or once the coloring is done, you can launch into the kindness lesson and each of the students has the same page in front of them for easy reference.

Printable downloads are easy to gift. Because they are instantly available, if you need a last-minute gift, you are covered. Just email the link or the PDF itself to your gift recipient. Alternately, the completed coloring pages are easy to send as gifts through the mail to grandparents or friends who live far away. The ease and simplicity of printable coloring pages are hard to beat, and with a message like kindness they impart values that everyone can get behind.

What Other Activities Can We Use for Kindness Education?

Our kindness education might start or be enhanced by kindness coloring pages or other types of worksheets, but how do we keep the kindness flowing beyond the box of Crayola crayons? Here are some activities to incorporate into your school classroom lesson planning, event planning, or just daily life.

How Does Belle Green Help Kids Connect?

When it comes to children’s books, coloring pages, activity sheets, and other products for kids, you have plenty of options. So what makes Belle Green different? It all comes down to purpose, passion, and the power of words. Here’s how I approach character building in children, from kindness to confidence to friendship education.
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The Power of Words

The words we use have more power than most of us realize. Especially when it comes to young children, the types of words we choose can create curiosity and confidence or uncertainty and apprehension. Parents, teachers, and other caregivers have a unique opportunity to use our words to contribute to the enhanced self-esteem and satisfaction of these future adults we’ve been entrusted with.

As a long-term fan of words, I’ve come to understand the influence they have over all of us. With that in mind, every word I use in my books and coloring pages has been well thought out and carefully chosen. That’s why I worked with Sheri Moroe, a psychotherapist with well over 30 years of experience working with children, to edit my I Am series of books (I Am Good in My Heart, I Am a Good Friend, and I Am Bigger). With Sheri’s assistance I made sure that every word was age-appropriate and conveyed the right psychological message to encourage children to recognize their own self-worth, to build healthy friendships, and to accept help confidently when they are still little, but growing up. While you’re checking out the books, don’t forget to take a look at Valentine’s Day Rhymes, an e-book to add to your activities for the holiday of love that will also help send kindness vibes!

Connection in Action

In addition to the I Am series of feelings books, I’ve also created two rhyming robot-themed books to help send self-empowering messages to my young audience. While the kids enjoy the adventures of each book, these cute robots are also teaching a subtle lesson.

In Tip the Lunchtime Robot, a cleaning robot realizes her dream of becoming a chef. She also uses teamwork to help her accomplish her goals and help out the store owner she works for. The Rescue Robot in Robot Activated! will empower the superhero within us all as he meets challenges head on, is ready and willing to help, and demonstrates perseverance in the face of adversity. Both books contain a short glossary to help kids understand words that they may not know yet. You can also find robot coloring pages in my store, including months of the year coloring pages and more.

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More Ways to Connect

If you’re looking to connect further, you can join my free e-newsletter to keep up with new articles, projects, activities, and products. You can also find me on social media on Facebook and Instagram. Sometimes I run promos for free books or free coloring pages! I also have a few YouTube videos that are fun, engaging, free, without ads, and 100% kid-safe!

I Am Kind: Engage, Encourage, and Enlighten

When it comes to coloring pages that are engaging, easy to understand, and impart critical character building values to young children, kindness coloring pages should be at the top of every parent, teacher, or caregiver’s list. I Am Kind: Kindness Coloring Pages break down social and emotional lessons in a way that kids can easily identify with and therefore remember. Give your classroom or kitchen table a kindness upgrade. Visit the Belle Green Confident Kid shop today and download your printable kindness coloring pages.

Books With Messages That Matter

Confidence, self-worth and self-esteem, friendship, and more are found within the pages of Belle Green books. Kids will learn through real-life scenarios and repetition in the “I Am” series, and through creative verse and imagination in the robot series!