Belle Green

I Am Good In My Heart

Some days a child may feel like they’ve done everything wrong. Help them maintain positive self-worth and affirm their true nature as Andy makes it through his own rough day by remembering he is good in his heart!

Release Your Inner Cheerleader!

Let’s not make kids feel judged based on their worst day!

During their early years, when a child’s self-esteem set point is created, kids make a lot of mistakes and say or do things that are hurtful to others. Children often hear “good” or “bad” to describe their behavior, but also sometimes to describe them as a person, according to their behavior.

If kids think they are bad instead of that their behavior is undesirable, it can create lasting self-worth problems.

Written with aid of decades of child psychology and behavior experience with your child’s heart in mind, this book is designed to help preschool age children understand that they are always good as an individual, even when they make mistakes or do the wrong thing. It helps them understand that they can make a better choice the next time.

In the end, when they remember that they are good and act in a way that reflects that, they are happier and so is everyone else!

Books With Messages That Matter

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