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If you’re here, I know a few things about you already. First, you have kids in your life. Second, you care about who is writing the books they read, otherwise you wouldn’t care anything about who I am. Congratulations on both – now more than ever, our kids need parents and caregivers that genuinely care and are willing to go the extra mile for them.

A Nerd With a Mission

In brief, I’m a nerd with a mission who likes to have fun. I’ve always loved learning, and in particular, I have a love for words. Being able to communicate clearly using the written word has always fascinated me. When I was little, before I learned to read, I’d scribble on paper and then go ask my mom if it said anything! As I got older, my precious third grade teacher recognized a gift in me for writing before I ever knew I had it. (Thanks, Mrs. Leslie!)

My love for words took on new meaning as I became an adult. I realized how powerful they are. The right words – or the wrong ones – will stick with us forever. Words can literally make the difference between peace and war. So when my husband and I finally had our son after 13 years of marriage, I knew the words I used with Will were going to be very important. I choose my words carefully with him every day, because despite the sticks-and-stones saying, words really do matter. Words can build up a child, or destroy them.

My mission, then, is to build up kids with my words.

I Am is My Jam: The Word Nerd’s Rhyme is on Time

I fulfill my mission in my books in two ways. First, in the I Am series (I Am Good in My Heart, I Am a Good Friend, and I Am Bigger), I speak directly to kids through my character Andy about self-worth, friendship, and the struggles of growing up using the words I Am. I Am is a powerful phrase because we truly do become whatever we put after those words. By helping kids to put positive feelings and expressions after I Am, we are creating a solid foundation for mentally healthy, self-confident, and socially connected children. (Huge shout-out to my big sister Sheri Moroe for lending her expertise as a clinical psychologist and child behaviorist in these books.)

The second way I use words to encourage kids is through light-hearted stories written in verse. I love rhyming poetry and discovered I have a knack for it in 6th grade. So I applied those skills to my robot books (because Will loves robots!), Tip the Lunchtime Robot and Robot Activated, as well as in the short poetry book, Valentine’s Day Rhymes for Kids. The robot books help convey values in a more subtle way. The robots overcome challenges, work together with humans, are heroes, show persistence, and follow their dreams. Because the stories are told in rhyme, research shows that reading them can improve memory, literacy and language development, cognitive development, and more. Plus, it’s just super fun to say stuff that rhymes!

And because I’m a word nerd, the robot books have a glossary in the back so kids can learn the definitions of certain words used in the story. I just can’t help it.

Keep the Story Going

In addition to my books, I try to keep my blog relevant and current with topics that are important to parents, ideas for activities with your kids, and more. Consider adding your email to the list – I promise not to be spammy!
So that’s the backstory of Belle Green. I hope you and your kids enjoy these books as much as I loved writing them, and really find the deeper meaning in each story valuable. Also, if there’s a type of book you’ve been looking for and can’t find it, let me know. Maybe I’ll write it next!
Belle Green

Books With Messages That Matter

Confidence, self-worth and self-esteem, friendship, and more are found within the pages of Belle Green books. Kids will learn through real-life scenarios and repetition in the “I Am” series, and through creative verse and imagination in the robot series!

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