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Robot Coloring Pages: Download, Print, and Learn!

Robots on Demand for Instant Learning Joy!

Do you have a kid that loves robots? If so, they will love these downloadable robot coloring pages. And guess what – you’ll love them, too. Because they aren’t just for fun (although they are great fun!) – they also sneak in some quality learning time! So whether you’ve got a preschooler, are preparing for kindergarten, or are homeschooling your sweet kiddos, you’ll find the perfect set of robot coloring pages right here.

Let the adorable robots lead the way and help your children learn the basics they need for solid start. Choose from months of the year, numbers 1-15, technology alphabet, and engaging shapes. They’ll have so much fun they might not realize how much they’re learning!

Make it Fun, Make it Stick

Making learning fun is the easiest way to not only get kids excited about learning, but also to help with retaining what is learned. Increasing their engagement with fun robot coloring pages lengthens their attention span, reduces stress, and enhances their memory. (Makes you want to try it too, right?!) This makes kiddos open to learning and creates a positive association between learning and enjoyment. Now we can get that creativity, those critical thinking skills, and useful problem-solving abilities rolling!

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Praise for Belle Green

Cute Robots, Targeted Learning

Just like our kids, robots show up in the world as a clean slate and are continually learning. What they learn is up to us. With these robot coloring pages you can pick and choose which components of learning you’d like them to focus on, from shapes, counting, and the letters of the alphabet to learning how to spell the months of the year.

Months of the Year Coloring Pages

How do you spell September? What holiday is in March? In which month do many kids go back to school? Isn’t Valentine’s Day in Feb-yoo-airy? Your kids will learn all this and more in these fun months of the year PDF coloring pages featuring fun and cute robots. They also include representations of what each month is like, from snow in January to Halloween in October to Christmas in December.

Counting Coloring Pages

1-2-3 and one-two-three, kids learn the different ways to express numbers in these counting robot coloring pages. They can practice spelling and writing the numerical value on each sheet with the help of curious robots who are also learning their way. These PDF pages cover numbers one through fifteen and include extra practice pages at the end.

Shapes Coloring Pages

Can your little one find all the shapes in these robots? Help them identify and draw the different shapes with these robot shapes coloring pages. From the basics like squares and circles to more advanced shapes like shamrocks and tracing their own hand, kids will get a handle on shapes as well as practice hand-eye coordination and develop critical motor skills in this downloadable PDF.

R is for Robot Letter Coloring Pages

Learning the alphabet is a challenge we all go through in our early years. With the R is for Robot letters of the alphabet coloring pages your kids can learn both their letters and about technology – all without any additional screen time. From A is for Antennae to Z is for Zoom, kids can practice their letters and learn a little about common uses of technology at the same time.

Why Pay for Downloadable Coloring Pages?

There are lots of coloring pages, including robot coloring pages, that you can search for online and download for free. So why might you want to choose to part with your hard earned money to buy them? In this section we’ll go over it all, from security risks to practical concerns to ethical considerations.

Even if you’ve got great anti-virus software, downloading a virus, malware, or spyware can still happen easier than you may think. Hitting “download” on the wrong PDF file could leave you with a completely corrupted computer. I know – it has happened to me and I have live-in tech support! To me, it’s just not worth the risk. I’d rather pay a few dollars and avoid costly ransomware.

Don’t get me wrong – there are some people charging for download and print robot coloring pages that do not offer quality drawings for your kids to beautify. But in general, you get what you pay for. Paid coloring pages tend to be of higher quality and come with the confidence that comes from downloading PDF files from legitimate websites. (Want quality free coloring pages? Sign up for the Belle Green mailing list!)
Coloring simply for the joy of it is a wonderful part of childhood! But as parents and caregivers we can seize these opportunities to give kids an educational boost at the same time, creating a sense of joy around learning. Most free pages are heavy on the fun and light on the learning, but with Belle Green PDF coloring pages you can get a hefty dose of both!
Some free download pages can contain images that are actually owned by someone other than the one who produced them. These copyright violations usually happen due to the popularity of certain characters like Paw Patrol or Pokémon, but they don’t have the actual rights to use them and the PDF file may even contain malware. Abuse of intellectual property in this way hurts all independent creators.
Download and print PDF coloring pages for sale on legitimate websites are an economical way to support your child’s early growth and an easy way to help small businesses thrive. They tend to be low-cost, and because you can print them as many times as you want you’re not limited to the number of pages in a traditional coloring book.

Why Download & Print is Better Than a Traditional Coloring Book

Most of us grew up with traditional coloring books. But in the digital age, printable coloring pages in PDF format are quickly surpassing the physical books of the past. But is the new way really better? Here are the reasons why you may just love download and print coloring sheets much more than the regular coloring books we’re used to.

How to Use Robot Coloring Pages

Robot coloring pages aren’t just for rainy days at home when there’s nothing else to do – although that’s a good time for them to be used! They also make fun gifts, group activities, and more.
You don’t have to search high and low. Robot coloring pages are the perfect addition to any birthday card (maybe use the month of their birthday or the first letter of their name!), get well wishes, graduation, thank you or thinking of you gift. A coloring page won’t weigh down your card, cause it to be lumpy or bumpy, and is just the thing friends and relatives want to see from the kids in their lives!
Did you ever take part in a coloring contest when you were a kid? Use your robot coloring pages and host a contest. Put the finished pages on display and have all the participants vote for their favorites. Or create categories so everyone comes out a winner: most creative, most different colors, most unusual, brightest colors, etc. (Hint: the October page is perfect for a Halloween party contest!)
Hello, fellow homeschoolers! We’re always looking for new ways to present ideas and concepts for homeschooling purposes and why not keep it fresh with robots? From the basics of shapes and numbers to moving on to technology-related ABCs and learning to spell the months of the year (February…just why??) robot coloring pages will hold their interest better than worksheets.
I don’t know about you, but our homeschool experience hasn’t included a whole lot of being at home. When you get together with your pod or co-op, bring along some robot coloring pages either to assist with the main lesson or to keep younger children busy while the older kids are working on their science, math, or history projects.
If you’re a babysitter or you have one coming, you know the importance of keeping those little minds occupied while the parents are gone – especially if you’ve got a child with separation anxiety! With some new robot coloring pages babysitters can give the kiddos a task to complete, and they will have a beautiful work of art to show off at the end.
It’s party time! In between events or as part of the action, set out some of these robot coloring pages to be used at your next party. Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving events or other holiday parties are the perfect time to get children coloring. Pick the month of the year, the number of the birthday kid’s new age, or letters that spell out their name!
There’s nothing more boring for children than waiting for the doctor, dentist, chiropractor, etc. especially if that appointment is for someone else. Keep them entertained and engaged while you wait by pulling out a new robot coloring page. Don’t forget to stick a sheet or two in your bag before you head out to eat! Restaurants are the perfect spot to color.

Getting Creative with Coloring Pages

Now that you know how your robot coloring pages can be used, let’s look a little deeper into how to get those pages popping with colors. Move aside, crayons. There are more ways to enjoy coloring pages than just markers and crayons. In fact, crayons can be just the beginning. They can be used as a base (or not) then move on to more adventurous forms of coloring!

What to Do with Your Finished Robot Coloring Pages

You downloaded, you printed, you colored. Now what? Find some ideas on putting those robot themed PDF coloring pages to good use here.

Robot Placemats

One of my favorite ways to preserve childhood works of art is to use my laminator to make the sheet into a placemat. It preserves the colors and protects the page from the different kinds of damage kids tend to inflict – drinks, food crumbs, pizza grease…you know the drill. Plus it’s a super fun way to remember the robot project, the lesson, and keep it fresh during dinner time.

Robot Binder Covers

We use a lot of binders around here for different projects, school work, Pokémon cards (an endless pursuit), and more. If you do too, consider using one of your robot coloring pages as the binder cover. Maybe use the number of their age to gather other works of art or memorabilia from each age, or keep a scrapbook of what you did during the months of the year using each month’s coloring page.

Custom Robot Puzzles

They did it once, but can they do it again? If they’ll let you, cut up the robot coloring page into different twists and turns to create your own custom puzzle. Doing puzzles uses a different part of the brain than coloring, spelling, or recognizing shapes, so it’s a great follow-up brain teaser for fast-growing minds. Keep it simple for preschool and more complex for the older kiddos.

Robot Storytelling

You don’t have to search for a topic anymore. You can create a story around your diamond robot, the St. Patrick’s Day robot, or K is for Keyboard. Each robot coloring page can be used as a launching pad into the creative world of storytelling. You can start and have your child continue the story, or make it a progressive story and have each child pick up the tale as they go around the table.

Robot Calendar

Create a DIY calendar out of your robot coloring pages! The robot months of the year pages are the most obvious choice, but the numbers 1 through 12 can be used, too, or even give each month of the year its own shape. Print out a month-by-month calendar sheet and attach it to your robot coloring page, then have the kiddos tick off each day as it goes by.

Robot Scrap Book

If you’re into scrapbooking, there are loads of opportunities for creativity when you look at robot coloring pages with fresh eyes. Start each month with the months of the year page (or number), cut out your favorite robots, shapes, etc., from the pages and get ready to level up your scrapbooking with your child’s own artwork.

Robot Virtual Scrapbook

If the idea of yet more paper or another project is enough to send you on a search for the closest tub of Rocky Road, look to the digital world to preserve those memories. Create a virtual scrapbook with robot coloring pages sprinkled in between photos of your events, whether that’s special once-in-a-lifetime events or the little ones that make every day mean so much.

Robot Gift Giving

Robot coloring pages aren’t just good for folding up to add to cards to send to friends and relatives. You can turn them into a full display with a fun frame! They can also be used as part of the gift when you turn completed robot coloring pages into the wrapping paper for your main gift! Now that would be gift wrap worth saving and using again.

Belle Green for Confident and Connected Kids

Belle Green books are thoughtfully created works designed to both entertain kids and help them feel more confident in an often confusing world. Focused on values like confidence, empathy, self-worth, and persistence, my books engage with and inspire children at a heart level. Words matter, and I use them consciously and deliberately in everything I create. You can read more on my About Us page. And if you have a book you’d like to see (Halloween Rhymes? Compassion? Telling time robot coloring sheet pack?), please feel free to reach out and contact me.

why robots @2x min

Why Robots?

Many people ask why I love to use robots in my creations. The simple answer is that when he was three years old my son Will became robot obsessed. I’m not sure where this passion came from, but everything became a robot, from our cats to the hot dog he had for lunch. He inspired me, and his catchphrase of “Robot activated!” became one of my books.

But as I thought more about it, I began to see an intriguing connection between children and robots. They are both brought into this world as a clean slate, absorbing information, forming new connections, and learning as they go. Robots can also do things people can’t (like fly) or go places people can’t (like into volcanos or to far away planets). So through robot play a child can imagine themselves being and doing just about anything. It’s great for their imagination and gets them interested in STEM topics at the same time.

More Fun and Learning

If your kids are crazy about robots and enjoy these robot coloring pages, be sure to check out the robots who started it all. Tip the Lunchtime Robot is the story of a cleaning robot who yearns to be a chef. See how she transforms herself to follow her dreams, and encourage kids to be true to their hearts as well. Robot Activated! will activate the superhero inside every child. Follow the Rescue Robot on his mission to save the teddy bears on a derailed train and show children how persistence pays off when they have a challenging goal. Both books are in verse, which makes them more memorable for listeners and fun to read for the grown-ups. Oh, and don’t forget to look up Valentine’s Day Rhymes, an oh-so-sweet e-book perfect for long-distance gifting to little ones on the holiday of love.

Kids go through a lot while growing up, and sometimes the right book can be just what they need to rise up and meet these challenges. If your little one is having a hard time with what they can and can’t do because they are at the in-between ages of 3 to 5, check out I Am Bigger. For kiddos struggling with self-worth and self-esteem like so many do, you’ll want to add I Am Good in My Heart to your library. And lastly, help your child form healthy and lasting friendships with I Am a Good Friend.

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Robots You Can Print, Page by Page

Whether they are used for school preparation, homeschooling, Halloween or Valentine’s Day parties, gifts, or just for fun, these robot coloring pages will end your search for what to do next. Get their creativity and imagination going today with robot months of the year, counting, alphabet tech, or shapes. Check out the whole PDF collection here and open up a whole new world of beeping and whirring robot opportunities.

Books With Messages That Matter

Confidence, self-worth and self-esteem, friendship, and more are found within the pages of Belle Green books. Kids will learn through real-life scenarios and repetition in the “I Am” series, and through creative verse and imagination in the robot series!