Belle Green

Tip The Lunchtime Robot

Are you ready to follow your dreams? Tip is ready to chop and roll in this charming story about a cleaning robot who dreams of being a chef.

How Strong is Your Dream?

Tip is a one-job robot. She cleans floors at Joe’s Hammer Store, but her heart’s desire is to be a chef. The strength of Tip’s dream turns out to be more powerful than her programming, and one night her mop and dustpan are converted into kitchen tools! Will Tip and Joe be able to make the best of her transformation? Kids and adults alike will love this rhyming story of a dream come true!

Also included: a glossary of words that may be new to young readers to help them grow their vocabulary and three of Tip’s favorite kid-friendly recipes!

Books With Messages That Matter

Confidence, self-worth and self-esteem, friendship, and more are found within the pages of Belle Green books. Kids will learn through real-life scenarios and repetition in the “I Am” series, and through creative verse and imagination in the robot series!