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Months of the Year Coloring Pages: Robots!

A Month by Month Coloring Page Set for Fun and Learning

Our robots can confidently spell all the months of the year, and soon your kiddos will too with these adorable robot months of the year coloring pages. Explore every month from January to December while robots show off the things we associate with each one. From snow to Valentine’s Day, and from summer vacations to Thanksgiving and Christmas, kids will get practice spelling and learning about every month.

Robots Make Each Month Magnetic

If you can hold their interest, you can get kids learning. If they’re going to color anyway, why not squeeze in a little education, too? Both kids who love science and technology and those who adore arts and crafts will love these sweet robots, making it easier than ever to learn about the months of the year and how to spell them. Like children, robots are learning machines, and their ability to do things humans can’t do gives them a unique appeal. The robots featured in the months of the year are fun-loving, but they take their job of teaching the months seriously!
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In the Words of Parents

From feelings books and rhyming poetry to fun printable coloring pages that help kids learn, parents and caregivers love what Belle Green brings to the party!

Every Month is Special – Celebrate Them!

There’s no such thing as a boring month when these robots are involved. They are celebrating the uniqueness of every month of the year, and soon you will be too! Here’s a month-by-month breakdown of how these robot coloring page sets from the Belle Green Confident Kid Shop put each month on display along with a fun fact for parents, teachers, and caregivers to share with the kiddos in the classroom or just for the joy of learning for ourselves.

Even if you don’t get snow, you can imagine! Bundle up and catch some snowflakes on the January coloring page. This robot is ready for the cold weather in hats and mittens and scarves alongside his snowman pal! Start the year strong here and get a jump on the months of the year.

January history fact: January is named after Janus, the Roman god of doors and gates. Janus is usually shown with two faces, one looking forward and one looking backward, a symbol of the transition from the old year to the new.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for grown-ups! This sweet robot is celebrating the holiday of love with butterflies, hearts, and flowers. Plus, kids will start mastering how to spell the challenging month of February. (Let’s admit it, even grown-ups still have to say Feb-roo-ary quietly to themselves!)

February science fact: Because it’s so short, February is the only month that can go by without a full moon occurring. When this happens, it’s called a “Black Moon.” Will we have a Black Moon next year?

It’s time to feel lucky! March is devoted to all things St. Patrick’s Day, and this silly robot is dressed up like a leprechaun! Color some shamrocks and rainbows, bows and stars…and of course, don’t forget about the pot of gold. This is among the top favorites for a page to use for coloring contests! March history fact: The name March comes from the Roman god of war, Mars. Originally it was the first month in the Roman calendar, which is why they picked a god associated with strength and warfare.

April showers bring May flowers, so our robot is staying dry under his umbrella and splashing in some puddles with his boots. Encourage creativity with the raindrops, maybe making each one a different color of the rainbow! Let’s start celebrating spring with the month of April coloring page.

April language fact: The name April is believed to come from the Latin word aperire, which means “to open.” You can think of it like the opening or blossoming of flowers and trees during this month.

Those May flowers are in full display, and Tip the Lunchtime Robot makes a special appearance on this coloring page! Kids get an opportunity to be extra colorful with all the flowers and butterflies on the May page, along with the sun shining brightly and the perfect amount of fluffy clouds.
May history fact: Because May is generally a time when nature comes to life, May was named after Maia, the Roman goddess of growth and increase. This is the perfect time to do classroom activities like growing some flowers!

Summer vacation? Yes please! June’s robot is ready to roll – literally! He’s got his suitcase and a fun hat – will he ride a hot air balloon or go to the beach? Get the kids excited about some summer travel with this coloring page, and maybe you’ll be inspired to plan a trip, too. There are worlds of possibility!

June science fact: For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, June 21st marks the summer solstice, which is the longest day of the year. It also marks the official beginning of summer!

Even if you can’t go to the beach, you can enjoy some fun in the sun with this beach-bound robot who is ready to dive into summer. Sand, toys, starfish, and a tasty-looking ice cream cone complete the beach essentials on this coloring page. Which flavor should that ice cream be? Eat it up before it melts!

July history fact: The original name for July was Quintilis, a Latin word meaning fifth. Later, it was renamed after the Roman Emperor Julius Ceasar. If a month was named after you, what would you call it?

For many kids August means back to school. This robot is ready to learn with her backpack, pencils, rules, glue, books, water bottle and more. These essentials are fun whether you’re learning at school or at home. What are your favorites when it comes to school supplies? Maybe crayons and markers for coloring?
August history fact: In the original Roman calendar, the sixth month was August. It later shifted to spot number eight and is named in honor of another Roman Emperor, Augustus Ceasar. Talk about changing history!

Who’s ready for some football? September’s robot sure is! Kids will love coloring in their new favorite sports star as fall leaves begin to signal the beginning of autumn. Football fans take notice! This is another prime candidate for a fun coloring contest as we celebrate the colors of those falling leaves.

September history fact: In the original Roman calendar, September was the seventh month. Later, January and February were added which is how it now comes in at number nine on the calendar!

October’s robot may be in disguise, but no one is fooled! It’s Halloween time and you’ve never seen a sweeter or less scary witch than this little robot! With a jack-o-lantern and some silly one-toothed bats, this page is more treat than trick. While they’re waiting to go trick-or-treating, it’s coloring time.

October history fact: October comes from another Latin word, octo, meaning eight because it was the eighth month in the original Roman calendar. What other octo words do you know? (Hint: one is a shape and the other is a sea creature!)

Thanksgiving is on the menu for November, and this robot is ready! With a fork and a spoon and his napkin already tucked in, he’s hoping that dinner is ready. Kids will enjoy coloring in the pumpkin and turkey who also make an appearance, and they will get a feel for the things we associate with November.

November history fact: November is another one that got its name from the Latin word for its original position in the Roman calendar, spot number nine. Maybe November is ripe for renaming? What would you call it instead?

Is that Santa? No, it’s a silly robot who is definitely in the spirit of Christmas! Your kids will find trees and presents galore here on the December coloring page. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you can enjoy the lights, colors, and giving spirit of this holiday as we close out the year.

December history fact: December has always been the last month of the year, even when the calendar only had ten months. January and February were added later, giving us twelve months.

Ways to Display Your Months of the Year Coloring Pages

Whether you color them one at a time or all at once, you’ll want to do something special with these printable robot months of the year coloring pages from the Belle Green Confident Kid Shop. Here are a few ideas to get you started and celebrate your kids’ learning activities with arts and crafts with real purpose.

DIY Coloring Page Calendar

The perfect way to enhance your months of the year lessons is to incorporate your robot coloring pages into a DIY calendar. You can make a calendar in Word and print it out along with each month’s page. You can discuss the days of the week and the months of the year while they work on coloring their robot. Which months are their favorites and why? How are their April activities different than what they do in December? Then they can follow along and mark them off day by day, maybe with a little doodle in each square!

Coloring Page Scrapbook

Because they feature the months of the year, these coloring pages make great additions to scrapbooks. What better way to introduce your activities, month-by-month, than with these sweet robots? Your kids can also make their own scrapbooks, keeping a 3-ring binder filled with each month’s original coloring, arts, and crafts work. Let them doodle or try to free hand an original cover to go along with the book, too. This is a great way to keep all their work in one spot – and they can be responsible for keeping up with it! It will soon be filled with all their favorites, from robot coloring page sets to original works of art.

Coloring Page Placemats

This is how you keep your original page looking perfect for months or even years! We love using my laminator to create placemats out of artwork and coloring pages. They also make beautiful gifts that are sure to be among the grandparents’ favorites! Just be careful if crayons have been used as the heat will sometimes cause the wax to bleed, and don’t try to make a placemat using anything that’s still got wet glue on it (ask me how I know). Colored pencil or marker beautified coloring pages are prime candidates for this use!

Coloring Page Desktop Background

Can’t save any more physical arts and crafts projects because you have no more free space? I get it – the paper becomes overwhelming! Take pictures of those beautiful creations and use one of them as your laptop’s desktop background (or create a whole slideshow featuring all twelve months) or as your phone’s background. Then you are free (hopefully) to discard the original without any guilt. Your child will see how much you appreciate their hard work when you are looking at it every day instead of it getting lost in a pile of paperwork or other classroom clutter!

When to Use Months of the Year Coloring Pages

Whether you’re using your printable coloring pages in a classroom, at the kitchen table, or for activities on the go, you’ll want to think about how and when you’ll use them. Of course, if you’ve got little ones who are ready to color but not yet ready for school, any time is the perfect time. They can color and re-color their favorites again and again. But if you are using these pages as a learning aid in a school or home school classroom setting, here are some ideas for putting them to good use.

How Coloring Pages and the Arts Aid Learning

Coloring has long been the original way to entertain kids on a rainy day, but did you know that there are real cognitive and physical developmental benefits to coloring and other arts and crafts? While they are choosing colors and learning to stay within the lines (or strategically going outside of them with a thoughtful doodle, which I’m totally down with!) keep in mind that they are also getting a jump on other achievements. They’ll be honing the following skills with these engaging months of the year coloring pages and other printables from the Belle Green Confident Kid Shop:
how coloring pages@2x min
So the next time your kiddo wants to stay in and do a coloring page or other arts and crafts, remember that coloring has benefits, too. Especially when they’re learning something on each page while they do it, printables like the robot months of the year coloring pages can be your easy parenting win for the day!

The Magic of Words: Coloring Life

When it comes to children’s books, coloring pages, activity sheets, and other products for kids, you have plenty of options. So what makes Belle Green different? It all comes down to purpose, passion, and the power of words. Here’s how I approach character building in children, from kindness to confidence to friendship education.
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The Power of Words

Belle Green books and coloring pages are known for blending fun and learning, and this is rooted in my love of words. I call myself the Word Nerd, and I have a long history of a fascination with words, how we use them, and how they make us feel. I believe that words are magical – even powerful – especially when it comes to children. Words can build up and tear down, so every word I use in my work is carefully thought through, sentence by sentence and page by page. In addition to the printable coloring page sets you’ll find in the Belle Green Confident Kid Shop, you can also find my original set of books when you shop on Amazon.

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The Values Kids Need

Page after page, Belle Green books and printable coloring page sets offer kids the ability to read, color, doodle, express themselves, and have fun while also learning. Sometimes children need social and emotional learning like you’ll find in the books I Am Good in My Heart, I Am a Good Friend (the top book when it comes to fan favorites!), and I Am Bigger, as well as kindness coloring pages and friendship coloring pages. (Each book comes with special free bonuses so be sure to check those out, too.)

Other times it’s the basic skills they need to cover, like learning the months of the year, but you’ll also find joyful learning activities like counting coloring pages, shapes coloring pages, and learning the letters page by page with the alphabet coloring page set R is for Robot. These books and printable coloring pages are favorites for the classroom, at home, or for traveling.

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Keep the Growing Going

If your kids love adorable robots, we’ve got more than printable coloring page sets. Be sure to check out Tip the Lunchtime Robot, the sweet and savory story of a cleaning robot who realizes her dream of being a chef. Kids will have fun with the rhyming story, the theme of following their dreams, and making a few robot-themed recipes at the end. They’ll also enjoy Robot Activated! and experience the thrilling adventure as a superhero robot rescues a train full of teddy bears. You can help them understand perseverance, compassion, and the joy of a job well done with this rhyming robot tale. Both robot books have some fun free bonuses and a glossary at the end to help kids with words they may not know yet! (I told you I’m a word nerd!) Be sure to shop the whole collection for your knowledge-hungry kiddos and find your new favorites!

Printables for Coloring at Home, In the Classroom, or On the Road

With these robot months of the year printable coloring pages, you are as free as your imagination. No matter where the day takes you, activities like coloring will always be needed to fill the gaps of time or as an end all to its own. These sweet robots will help kids learn inside or outside the classroom, helping them develop a love for the arts as well as work on spelling (and hey, a little history too if you turn it into a unit study). So get started today with your printable month by month coloring pages and see if the fun robots capture your child’s attention and get them learning a little, too.

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Books With Messages That Matter

Confidence, self-worth and self-esteem, friendship, and more are found within the pages of Belle Green books. Kids will learn through real-life scenarios and repetition in the “I Am” series, and through creative verse and imagination in the robot series!