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Treasure Hunt Game!

Here’s a fun game to play with your pre-reader…a treasure hunt game where all the clues are pictures! Let them hunt down a prize all on their own!

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, a leprechaun snuck around our house, leaving clues that led to a pot of gold (and a new Go Fish card deck)! If you download the clues, he can visit your house, too!

footprintsEach clue is a picture of something you have in your house, leading your little one to the next clue and ultimately to the pot of gold card, which you can leave on its own or combine with a snack or a toy (the Go Fish deck has been a hit at our house so far).

A set of leprechaun foot prints led my son to his first clue…a drawing of a pair of shoes! He ran to the shoe rack and found a picture of a potted plant. He ran into the foyer and checked around the plants, finding his next clue: a bathtub! He collected all the clues which ultimately led him to where he found the last set of leprechaun footprints leading him to the pot of gold and his prize.

goldThis is a game that can be made harder or easier based on your child’s skill level and you can use all the clues or only a few based on what would be good clues for your home. You can use it as St. Patrick’s Day fun or any time of the year for a game that gets your child thinking, moving and rewards their hard work!

Download the clues here print, cut and get to work setting up your own treasure hunt for the child in your life!

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