Belle Green

Springtime Scavenger Hunt!

Spring has sprung! After so many experienced a long, hard winter the signs of spring are finally showing up. If you had snow, it’s melting (in some places too much melting – you are in our prayers!) The first tiny little green spikes are pushing up through the ground in some places, while here in Georgia spring is in full swing. The dogwoods are blooming their hearts out and pollen season has taken over the south.
unsplash_19_03_25_14_41_34Now is the time to get back outside and see what you can find with your little ones. I created a scavenger hunt to get their minds looking for signs of spring and spend some time in the great outdoors. Grown ups, please have fun with this, too! Springtime just never gets old. It always amazes me how things that have looked so dead for months suddenly burst into bud, sprout and bloom.
Also, where did all those bees come from all of a sudden? We were surrounded by them the other day! The season that returns us to life is definitely back.

Download the Springtime Scavenger Hunt here it includes both words and pictures to help your child hunt down the signs of the season!

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Have a beautiful, blessed spring!