Belle Green

Book Reviews Made Easy!

1534488If you are ever asked to write a book review, or read a great book and are compelled to share that with others through leaving a review, you might have a moment of doubt.
I’m not a literary expert, you might think. What do I know about reviewing books?
If you’ve ever felt that way, you’re not alone! But the good news is that not only do you not have to be an expert, readers and writers want reviews that are not from experts! They want to see what readers just like them thought of the book.
Do you want some more good news? Reviews do not have to be a lengthy in-depth analysis of a book. Here are a few tips and examples to help you write your next online book review.
  • If a review requires a title and you aren’t sure what to “name” it, just say, “Glad I Picked This Up!” or “Good for my 4-year-old” or “Fun With a Lesson.”

  • A review should be an honest reflection of what you thought or felt. Don’t give a book 5 stars if you didn’t truly think it earned 5. I buy and enjoy 4 and even 3 star books all the time.

  • If you have a lot to say, great! Go for it! But a quality review really can be created in just a few sentences.

  • Focus on how the book helped you or how it made you feel.

  • Compare and contrast the book with another book that readers may be familiar with.

  • Still struggling? Try filling in the blank:

“I bought this book because ______________________.”

“The best thing about this book is ______________________.”

“This book made me/my kid(s) feel ______________________.”

“The lesson I/we got is ______________________ and that’s important to me/us because ______________________.”

“My favorite part was ______________________.”

“I recommend this book to ______________________.”

“I/we have read this book _____ times because I/we ______________________.”

“I/we felt connected to the character(s) because ______________________.”

Book reviewer, you’re a star!
Reviews help books get seen in an ocean of other books. Amazon, where about 70% of all books are now sold, doesn’t help an author promote or suggest their books until they have about 50 reviews. If you want your favorite authors to keep writing, consider contributing to their success by leaving online reviews.
The point of leaving a review is to help other readers make a purchase decision. It’s a good deed. It’s a selfless act of good will, and your efforts are appreciated by the author and by other readers. Pat yourself on the back if you’ve ever left an online book review!