Belle Green

Is it Christmas Yet?

Is it Christmas today? No, not yet?

Is it tomorrow? I need a LEGO set!

How many days? How long now?

Look at all those presents – wow!

Why so long? It’s hard to wait!

Why not today? It’s just a date!

I guess I’ll have this cookie here,

And make a cardboard reindeer.


Maybe sing a song to pass the time…

What’s in that box from Amazon Prime?

I went to see Santa so now he knows

I want a robot – not some clothes.

While we were there he read a book

About a Scrooge who changed his outlook.

Yes, I know it’s not just toys…

But I am one of the good girls and boys!


I watched Rudolph and Frosty so…

Wait, what’s that? Is it snow?

At long last the day finally arrives.

We’ve been waiting our whole lives!

My stocking’s stuffed with toys and sweets

Even the kitties are getting some treats!

Everyone’s here, we all gather round,

The moment is filled with a magical sound.


It’s all of us saying a thank you prayer.

I can feel our gratitude in the air.

Then paper and bows are ripped and flying.

Laughter, gasps and even some crying.

Did I get everything I asked for?

I don’t even know – maybe more!

If not, no worries, I’ll never fear.

Only 364 days until next year!