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What Rhymes with Taco? Get Kids Rhyming!

Tacos are everywhere, and for good reason. They’re delicious, convenient, fast, and inexpensive. (Note the wildly popular “Taco Tuesday” which is near and dear to my heart!) Kids love tacos, too, so we shouldn’t be surprised when they ask questions like “What rhymes with taco?” After all, who hasn’t made up a song or a love poem in honor of their favorite food? (My son once created a full four-part hymn about juice boxes.)

Tacos may be everywhere, but what about words that rhyme with it? Unfortunately, what rhymes with taco is…not much. But don’t despair because I’ve got some options to get around this inconvenient fact. Plus, this can turn into a fun and educational way to teach kids not just about what rhymes with taco, but also about syllables, alliteration, synonyms, and other word wonders.

Your search is over. Find all the info you need to know below!

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What Rhymes with Taco: Perfect Match to Near Enough

We know you don’t want to search forever for your rhymes, so let’s cut straight to the good stuff (and we don’t mean guacamole). We’re talking about exact rhymes that are a perfect match for the word taco.

The bad news is, there aren’t many. At least not in English, but we’ll get to that in a minute. You can search high and low, but there are no two syllable words ending in the sound “ako” with a stressed short a, hard k, and long o other than the two you’ll find below. But complaining without a solution is whining, so let’s get a little creative here. After all, being a kid who is channeling their inner poet or song writer in devotion to the beloved taco requires some creativity.

If your heart is set on a taco rhyme match made in cheesy heaven and no near rhymes are enough, there’s good news. You can find a few words that happen to be proper nouns that can help. Here are some choices for perfect rhymes and their definitions.

Paco: Paco is a name, often a nickname for Francisco. It’s most popular in Spanish-speaking countries. Paco is also only one of two genuinely perfect two syllable rhyme match I can find in any language. Perhaps Paco loves a taco as much as your kids?

Chaco: Choco is a region in South America. You can also find Chaco Canyon in New Mexico, a fascinating regional center for the ancestral Pueblo people that is now a National Park.

Maybe Paco loves to eat a taco while visiting Chaco? Hmm, this is getting catchy already…

I know it’s a let down that there are no perfect matches that rhyme with taco other than some proper nouns. Go have some queso, play a few rounds of Taco vs. Burrito, then we can get back to work on your other options. I’ll wait. (Crunch, crunch, ahhhhh.)
Now that’s we’re over the disappointment, here are some near rhymes for taco in English and borrowed from other languages, and their definitions.

Morocco: Morocco is a country in Northern Africa which is not well known for tacos. While it has three syllables, this word fits the stressed short a, hard k, and long o criteria for a solid rhyme. I’d go to Morocco for a taco, but I can put one in my hand here in this land. Now I’m getting hungry.

Bronco: Generally referring to a wild horse, bronco is a near fit to rhyme with taco. The n-sound isn’t particularly strong, and it has two syllables. A bronco ate my taco, now I’m mad and sad. *sniff* *sniff* Is this a country song we’re writing?

Bravo: A word used to express that someone has done a good job in multiple languages, bravo has two syllables with a stressed short a and long o at the end. The v instead of k sound can be overlooked if you add extra sour cream. I ate a bussin’ taco so I called the chef “Bravo!” Oh, yeah.

Guaco: Okay, this isn’t a real word. But it’s a short word, a nickname if you will, for the taco accompaniment we all know and love, guacamole. It’s two syllables and follows the taco pattern quite well! After all, who doesn’t want a little guaco on the side with their taco?

Banco: Pronounced BAHN-ko, this is the Spanish word for bank is a near rhyme for taco. Why not enjoy a taco by the banco? There are no rules here. What if a bank started offering free tacos when you open a checking account? Hmm, this is a bank I could buy stock in…

In the creative world of poetry and song, you can do whatever you want. No one is your boss here! So my favorite cheat way to help make a non-rhyming word rhyme with taco: add an “o” to the end of the words that end in a short stressed a sound followed by a hard k. Here are some words to play with:
Walk-o: Take your taco for a walk-o!
Talk-o: Let’s get a taco and talk-o with Paco!
Croc-o: Is croc-o your shoes or a scary reptile? You decide! Either way, you can eat a taco while taking your pet croc-o for a walk-o in your croc-os in Choco.
Clock-o: Off the clock-o? Time for a taco! #boom
Block-o, rock-o, knock-o, chalk-o, flock-o, sock-o, the possibilities are endless for words and phrases you can use to invent rhymes with taco. You already know these words, you just need to find creative new ways to use them! If you come up with crazy ones be sure to create definitions for them, too!

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Try Some New Toppings and Leave the Rhymes Behind!

For the budding poet in your home in a desperate search for what rhymes with taco, trying a different format might help. Rhyming may not be the best choice for your taco word salad. Here are some poetic ideas that don’t require rhymes at all.

Poet Fusion: Create a Japanese-Style Haiku

Or maybeWhile we are talking about tacos and not sushi, why not try a little word fusion? Haiku is a short form of poetry from Japan. To simplify haiku for your young poet, they should include three phrases consisting of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and 5 syllables, respectively. Remember it’s not about the number of words, but the number of syllables. Here’s an example:

My taco is crisp.
But sometimes it’s softer, too.
Crunchy or soft – yum.

Or maybe…

Taco time is now.
Taco time is now and then.
Tacos forever.

I dream of tacos.
Tacos dream about me, too.
Better together.

Play with some new formats and discover what delicious word combinations your kids will find! This is also an excellent and fun way to teach kids about how words are made up of syllables and counting those syllables. Who knew educational play with words could be so yummy? Don’t forget that if you need to go hands-free while writing your haiku to have your dinosaur taco holders handy. It’s a family must-have!

Alliteration: Terrific Taco Time Without a Rhyme

Maybe instead of poetry, your kiddos can play around with alliteration. Alliteration is creating phrases where the beginnings of words are similar, unlike rhymes where the endings of words are the same. Typically only the very first sound of words are needed to align for perfect alliteration, although including those sounds in the middle of words is also fun. Try out these phrases and see what alliterative words the kids can come up with on their own.

Tim took my twofer taco deal today.
Tigers and toucans make terrible tacos.
Tina’s taking her taco to town for tiny toon time.

Using alliteration is also a good way to practice coming up with synonyms to squeeze as many of the same sounds into a sentence as possible. (See what I did there?) How many t-words can your kids put into a single sentence? Turn it into a taco time throw down at the table! The winning word wizard gets a beautiful bonus burrito. No rhymes required to reign royal. Okay, I’ll stop. (Psst…I won’t.)

Three crunchy beef tacos on a green plate.

What Rhymes with Taco? You Do!

Words and phrases that rhyme with taco are few and far between, but don’t let that stop you. No matter what approach your little poet or song writer takes to creating their ode to tacos, encourage their creative spirit with a little help from these ideas. Search for more options to play with, use words they already know and find new ones, and don’t give up until they’ve got a creative work of taco words they will be proud of, whether or not they are made up of rhymes.

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