Belle Green

Mirror, Mirror in the Star


Mirror, Mirror in the Star


I saw a golden star one night

Gleaming with peace and grace.

Its glow was warm and oh so bright

I reached up toward its place.


It was too far for me to touch

So I snuggled deep down in bed.

I wanted to be near that star so much

It was dancing around in my head.


Suddenly I was up in the air

Like magical pixie dust!

I soared as high as I could dare.

Get to that star, I must!


Its golden glow drew me near

To the star’s mystical space.

I felt such joy, there was no fear

As I gazed into the star’s face.


Closer I looked, even closer now

For it was a face that I knew well.

The eyes, the nose, the mouth, the brow…

I could now certainly tell.


Like a mirror the star showed me

Its wondrous face was my own.

So curious, I thought, how could this be?

Then the star spoke, “Make it known…”


“Sweet child the face you see is yours

Because you see what you are inside.

Peace and grace your heart adores

Putting all anger and fear aside.


“You were ready when you saw my light

To see your soul deep within.

You glow with warmth and love so bright

It spills out in every grin.



“Go back to bed now, little one

Have sweet dreams and sleep.

Your soul is the shining golden sun

Forever your heart will keep.”



Copyright © Belle Green 2018