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Featured Author: Colee Demetra

Artistic talent is not one of my strongest points, so when I find an author who can also paint their own illustrations, you can color me impressed. When I read Rainbow Farm by Colee Demetra, I found myself suddenly immersed in a world of rich color and fantasy. But it wasn’t just that; there is a serious side to this tale that really touched me. Rainbow Farm is not a book easily forgotten. The details of the story may fade, but the way I was drawn in by the heart of the book will stay with me. Rainbow Farm is not just a story and not just a work of art, but a tale that cuts straight to the heart of human (and animal) kind: friendship, community and the beauty of the land.

Rainbow Farm by Colee Demetra

An inspiring story on the importance of nature, harvest, and love. The children’s book begins when a young woman finds herself on a farm surrounded by animals the color of their food. As they grow closer together, incredible changes occur. One day, a young man visits the farm to marry the young woman and help her build a barn house, only to be sent on his way. Does he ever return?

In the end, Rainbow Farm emphasizes the beauty of true confidence, authenticity, and independence while empowering children (and adults) to be their most imaginative selves.

Belle: Rainbow Farm is an intensely personal story for you. Can you tell us a little bit about how this book came to be?

Colee: I started working on a farm immediately after graduating college, which was a wonderful experience through the Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms organization. When I was on the farm, I was inspired by the process of cultivating the land (I grew up on a sailboat and am intuitively used to living off the sea) and next thing I knew, I was writing a children’s book.

Belle: This book has a very classic children’s story look and feel to it. What message do you hope children will come away with after reading this story?

Colee: There are several themes in the book, the most important to me being the value of teamwork and connecting with one another. I hope children become inspired to take down their own guards and grow closer to the people who surround them.

Belle: In addition to authoring this book you also did the illustrations. Each image is based on a circle and it looks like it was done in water color, is that correct? Tell us a little about the artwork in Rainbow Farm.

Colee: The paintings are done in water color. I love the idea of water and paint coming together to form an image. Each painting is simple so as to help balance some of the deeper messages in the written work.

Belle: Is there anything else you’d like readers to know about this book?

Colee: This book is my first work of art and I surprised myself with my own creative potential.

I hope you will take a moment to look at Colee’s book. This book would make a great Christmas gift!


Colee Demetra

“Colee” is the author’s nickname from the Gibson family.
“Demetra,” a derivative of the name, “Demeter,” (also the Greek goddess of corn and harvest) is the author’s middle name.

Rainbow Farm is based on a true story…